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"Infinit8 is the best gym I’ve ever been a part of!"
- Sarah Fierberg
"Lost over 30 pounds and have never felt better."
- Berke Karakas
"I can give infinite reasons to like this place!"
- Lakshmi Ramkumar

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You Seek a Tailored Fitness Journey

Uncertain about your fitness level? We create personalized plans that evolve with you, transforming uncertainty into a confident, rewarding journey.

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Drowning in fitness advice? Our direct, easy-to-follow guidance cuts through the clutter, providing a clear, straightforward path to your goals.

You Crave a Supportive Fitness Family

Feeling alone in your fitness journey? Join our community for shared experiences and unwavering support. It's not just fitness; it's joining a family that celebrates your every milestone.

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If you're tired of going through the motions without seeing results and are eager to truly commit, this is your moment.

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Infinit8 is the best gym I’ve ever been a part of. Eugene has created a warm, welcoming and motivating environment. The workouts are fun and challenging, and there is a ton of variety with the exercises and class formats. I’ve been at I8 for almost 3 years and they helped me stay active and modify my workouts during my pregnancy and postpartum - it’s really for all skill levels. I’m grateful to have a place like this that makes me enjoy working out and keeps me feeling good!
Sarah Fierberg
Infinit8 Fitness is a great gym. Their highly personalized, high touch and holistic approach to helping you achieve and maintain your best health is really great. This includes everything from helping you track and analyze your macro nutrients and sleep to helping you fix your form when lifting. Their HIIT classes are great but the real value is in the semi-private sessions. These are small (6 people max) and you get nearly 1:1 attention from the trainers. I've been going for about 3 months and have never felt better. It's not the price of Gold's Gym, but you instead of getting a membership that won't keep you accountable to anything and that you'll stop using in 2 months (if that), you get a personal healthy life coach. Highly highly recommended
Amir Yasin
It's been 3 months since I am with Eugene this was simply one of my best decision. Eugene is not only the best trainer but a great person who really cares for your well being. Just trust Eugene and his coaches they will make sure you get the results.
Rajasheker Reddy
What a transformative experience both in mind and body! After many years not setting foot in a gym, the I8 team (Eugene, Ben and Theresa) have made it a wonderful experience to rediscover the joys of working out. Whatever shape your in to start, they can work with you to get on the right track with your workout and diet. I can’t recommend them enough for their positive attitudes, motivation, and the environment they’ve created here.
Dan Rohrer

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