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Erika has a better relationship with both food and the scale!

“Starting my fitness journey, my main goals were to lose fat and enhance my mental and physical well-being. Challenges like incorporating more greens and ensuring enough protein were managed with prioritized vegetables and protein supplements. This journey has not only boosted my physical strength and confidence but also transformed my relationship with food. Moving from focusing on weight to body composition, I’ve seen steady, impactful results with the support of my coaches. Committed to continuous improvement, I am dedicated to inspiring others and advancing on this transformative path.”

Trina went from 172 to 119 pounds!

“I gained over 50 pounds during my first pregnancy and faced additional challenges from a subsequent round of IVF treatments. The gym closures in 2020 added to the difficulties, but daily emailed workouts and encouragement from my trainer helped me navigate this period. In 2021, as I prioritized a healthy lifestyle and appreciated my family of three, we were overjoyed by a surprise natural pregnancy at 42. Thanks to Infinite8’s tailored workouts and a Whole30 diet, I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight of 119 pounds. The support and community at Infinite8 are invaluable—it’s well worth the drive.”

Berke lost 30+ pounds and restored his youthful spirit!

“My transformation journey began with a desire to boost my physical and mental well-being, combatting asthma and lethargy. Despite initial efforts, it was refining my diet that truly tipped the scales, leading to significant weight loss and increased endurance. Now, at 40, working out is essential—I feel better than I did in my 30s, replacing late-night drinks with early morning gym sessions. Embracing this new lifestyle has deeply enhanced my personal life, allowing me to enjoy more active and engaging moments with my family and friends. This shift has not only helped me shed over 30 pounds but has also rejuvenated my confidence and overall quality of life.”

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